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Professional Tube Bending in West Sydney

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What is Mandrel Bending?

Mandrel bending is used to retain the internal and external diameter all the way around in the bend. When you don’t need restriction to any flow, mandrel bending is an important feature.


What Can You Tube Bend?

Our business can perform tube bending for stainless steel, tube-bending alumni, handrails (for housing or any building industry) and more. For more information on your tube-bending project, give us a call.
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Effective Machinery

To yield the most precise results, we utilise three mandrel benders and a guillotine machine. Some of our advanced models include the Universal Brown 120 Pedrazoli, CSIO pipe bender and the CSM pipe bender.


Expect Superior Results

Our custom pipe work stretches from 50 m to 300 m diameter in mile steel and stainless steel. You can expect high-quality products, including Y pipes, flex clamps, seal clamps, donut bends and sheet metal. We also offer tubes up to 10-inches in diameter.


Custom-Built Pipes and Parts

Our bending sizes range from 38 mm to 127 mm. Within those ranges, you have the flexibility to request certain design features required for your project. Give us a call to tell us about the kind of pipe and parts you need and you’ll receive customised products to do the job.

We offer an easy free-call phone number to answer all of your questions

Book a Tube Bending Service

Consider Tony’s Muffler Fitting Centre your go-to experts on tube bending. Give us a call for details.
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