Custom Mufflers

Custom Mufflers to Meet Your Requirements in West Sydney

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Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery requires a powerful muffler to do the job. Our team can custom-build a muffler or exhaust system to give your large vehicle the force it needs.
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Generator Mufflers

Our team makes safe mufflers and pipework for generators of mass proportion. We do custom work for cranes, forklifts and any engine type. We can also bend pipework for handrails and headboards and supply spark arresters, exhaust systems, stainless steel pipes and mufflers.
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Mining Equipment

If your vehicle often operates in a confined area, you need purifiers and spark arresters to meet mining regulations. We supply scrubbers for tunnel work, custom pipework from 50 m to 300 m diameter (in mile steel and stainless steel), purifiers, heating blankets, lagging, tubes up to 10-inches in diameter and rain caps up to 12-inches in diameter (in mile steel and stainless steel).


Earthmoving Equipment

With our exclusive range of sizes, materials and designs, you can select a muffler that will best suit the needs of your heavy-duty earthmoving equipment and machinery.

We supply mufflers for boats, cranes and other heavy machinery

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